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Wine Cellarbration

October 27, 2018
Noon - 6:00pm

Due to overwhelming demand from our faithful WineFest fans, the WINEFEST organizing committee has decided to organize a one day Fall WineFest on October 27th, 2018. This Wine "Cellar"bration is an opportunity to stock your wine cellar before the holiday season!

Discover new wines and revisit those hard to find favorites from last year.


One Amazing Venue

This Georgian style house built in 1807 by Col. Joseph Kemp, a Revolutionary soldier and hero of the War of 1812, has become the "can't miss" venue of WineFest at St Michaels.

Chef Adam Sanders, a fixture at the Kemp house, will be on hand with delicious gourmet food.


Fabulous Wines

The Kemp house will feature 40-60 carefully selected wines which have been chosen to offer something for everyone: sparkling, whites, rose's, reds, and dessert wines. If you know Winefest and its 10-year history, you know these wines will have global appeal. The list will include both domestic and international varietals.


VIP Wines

We will offer both a regular ticket which provides tastings of 40-60 wines, as well as a VIP ticket which provides access to both the regular venue as well as the VIP tent.

Those of you who have previously attended WineFest VIP events will not be disappointed by the wines that the WineFest team has picked out! 

Be aware that all of these wines are currently planned to be tasted at the Kemp House venue, so tickets will be extreemly limited. Only 350 tickets will be sold to the regular tasting venue, and 100 more tickets will be sold to the VIP venue. 
The very attractive price for the regular tasting venue is $50. Tickets purchased online will include a $15 coupon for the purchase of $100 or more of wine. 
VIP tickets will include the regular tastings and the VIP venue. This ticket will have a price of $135 and includes both the $15 coupon for the regular wines and a $75 COUPON on the purchase of $250 worth of wine! 
Between the regular and VIP wines, expect to have more than 75 wines to taste. That is certainly more wines than most of us can taste in one day!!
Get your tickets early and be sure to attend and enjoy!!

With this many wines to taste, please pace yourself and don’t overindulge!